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Growing into 2022

Business Life

What a year! 2021 was a year unlike any other – full of transformation that brought us closer to realizing the A70 vision. We look back to see what’s next for Amway.

Partnership, growth, leadership, a new digital platform and exciting product launches – these were the themes that occupied our time in a truly exceptional year. Now, as we stand at its end, we’d like to look back and celebrate the collaboration, commitment and insatiable spirit from ABOs like you. “Traits which are driving us to think about greater and bigger things than we could have ever imagined,” according to Melodie Nakhle, Managing Director Europe, Southern Africa, Australia & New Zealand at Amway. Ready? Let’s have a look at some highlights from the past year – and see where we’re headed in 2022:

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CorePlus+ – an Amway first

Where better to begin than with the launch of CorePlus+? The biggest investment in a compensation programme to have ever happened since Amway was founded in 1959. “As a leadership team, we’re more committed than ever to your success,” says Melodie. “All of the conversations that I’ve had revolve around the future pipeline of leaders. We need leaders joining and we need them succeeding in our business, which means investment. We’re all committed to that.” CorePlus+, which complements the Core Plan to support new and existing ABOs in reaching success, is the perfect testament of this commitment.

“We need leaders joining and we need them succeeding in our business, which means investment. We’re all committed to that.”
– Melodie Nakhle

Within CorePlus+, the Customer Sales Incentive+, the Bronze Foundation Incentive+ and Bronze Builder Incentive+ allow new ABOs to earn money earlier and faster, while also helping them to set their businesses up on a foundation for success. While, on the other hand, Performance Group Growth Incentive+ (PGGI) and Frontline Group Growth Incentive+ offer support to leaders who are ready to take the next crucial step in their Amway career, in bridging the gap between Silver and Platinum.

What’s more, for the first time ever, with CorePlus+ registered customers as well as ABOs will be able to take advantage of exciting customer loyalty programmes, discount coupons and rewards.

New website, new opportunities

For better or for worse, Covid-19 accelerated digital adoption and changed the environment in which we interact – and conduct business. That’s not to say that Amway has changed in essence. It hasn’t; it’s still very much a people-to-people business. However, it is now complemented by a strong online presence thanks to the launch of the new Amway website in 2021.

The new website was rolled out to the rest of Europe, bringing a seamless user experience across all devices, and a clean, modern, and consistent look and feel across all markets. The new website creates a better shopping experience while equipping ABOs with the tools they need to manage their business, track progress toward qualification and use social sharing functionalities to reach others with products they are passionate about. What’s more, it simplifies ABO business dealings to create more cohesion and makes it even easier to build loyalty with customers.

Wellness and growth

They say without a vision there is no future. Luckily, Amway established a powerful A70 vision – one with people and wellbeing at its core. Which is why 2021 saw the launch of many exciting products dedicated to supporting wellness, immunity, health, and general happiness. Some of these included Nutrilite™ Balance Within.

“As a leadership team, we are committed to partnering together to grow current and future leaders. We will do this by providing early and competitive earnings and enabling all ABOs to help and inspire anyone, anywhere, anytime to build a compelling health and wellness business.”
– Melodie Nakhle

What’s on the horizon for 2022?

As you can see, 2021 has been an eventful year. Not without its challenges, of course, but overall, a year that has set an incredible foundation for the future. So, what can you expect in 2022?

The product portfolio will see some exciting new additions in support of the A70 vision. Further development will be put into enabling new ABO success, while the LGS Team will continue to support ABOs with solutions that drive business growth. And, of course, the leadership team will continue to foster growth through partnership.

“As a leadership team, we are focused on building future leaders of our business, improving early incentives, helping leaders build anywhere, anytime, and making sure that we continue to build around health and wellness,” Melodie concludes.

Change is here to stay, yes. But so is the belief that the best growth happens when opportunity meets collaboration. In 2022 Amway is ready to embrace the future’s opportunities together with you.

The Amway leadership team wishes everyone happy holidays and a great New Year!

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