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As the new Performance Year begins, Melodie Nakhle is excited for the potential she sees for ABOs, powered by the enhancements Amway is making across the business

“Everything we are doing right now is meant to make an Amway business easier and more profitable for new ABOs and to strengthen the ABO leadership,” says Melodie, Managing Director for Amway Europe, Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand. “This is about supercharging ABOs’ business-building efforts with a healthy balance of sponsoring aspiring entrepreneurs while also engaging new customers.”

The changes Melodie is referring to include a few things, such as the full implementation of the new Amway website, which will be completed this year, and the rollout of the customer loyalty programmes across markets. Additionally, there was also the introduction of updated terms and conditions that harmonise the business across borders. Another highlight is the launch of Core Plus+ discretionary incentives, which began launching almost a year ago and will be available across all markets in our region in the coming months.

“These changes all work together as part of our blueprint to support the growth of ABO businesses,” she claims. “This has involved a lot of change for us all, but the final product is an improved business proposition that we believe will be of greater appeal to prospects, to customers, and to ABOs, who will experience improved profitability.”

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Amway changes that help your business

It all begins with the new Amway website – which rolled out in Central Europe, Turkey and Greece this month and will soon launch in the UK & Ireland. The site creates a better shopping experience while equipping ABOs with the tools they need to manage their business, track progress toward qualification and use social sharing functionalities to reach others with products they are passionate about.

New customer loyalty programmes introduce special services, discounts, coupons and rewards that can be enjoyed by registered customers, ABOs and Members Plus across our markets. “The modules are meant to give ABOs the tools that get people to say yes to the business or to a product purchase,” explains Melodie.

With its updated terms and conditions, Amway has simplified the business to create greater consistency for ABOs across markets, producing a better experience and expanding the opportunity for ABOs to build businesses across borders. “Your personal relationships are not constrained by national borders, and neither should your business,” emphasises Melodie. “The updated terms and conditions would help us to protect ABOs’ business better by maintaining distribution channels and retail prices.”

The Core Plus+ discretionary incentives also will be fully launched in all markets this Performance Year. “This is the biggest investment by Amway’s founding families in ABO compensation since Amway launched in 1959, so it’s a really big deal,” Melodie points out. In addition to the Customer Sales Incentive (CSI), which will be launching in 2022, all markets will benefit from other Core Plus+ discretionary incentives, which include:

  1. The Bronze Foundation Incentive (BFI) and Bronze Builder Incentive (BBI), which we will be launching in 2022, that increase ABOs’ profitability through multipliers on monthly performance bonuses by achieving increased product volume targets.

  2. The Frontline Growth Incentive (FGI), which helps Founders Platinums and above to earn multipliers by increasing or maintaining total Frontline Qualifications (FQs) compared with the previous year.

  3. The Performance Group Growth Incentive (PGGI), which helps all ABOs earn an annual multiplier on their own Personal Qualified (PQ) months by increasing or maintaining total Personal Qs compared with the prior year.

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Grow your business and reap rewards

“These discretionary incentives all provide rewards for building a healthy, sustainable business that will grow over time,” says Melodie. “It does this by supporting a balance between product promotion and sponsoring.”

New products are another reason to be excited this Performance Year, claims Melodie. “We are committed to leadership in the Health and Wellness category and building on the strong legacy of our Nutrilite brand,” she highlights. Launches include the recent Nutrilite Balance Within and Nutrilite Kids Immunity Support Plus, as well as the new Artistry Skin Nutrition featuring formulations that clearly align and integrate with the Nutrilite brand.

“Even more products are coming later this year that will truly energise the marketplace for ABOs. So it is important for ABOs to get ready to promote many exciting new products to customers, which will help them to meet the retooled qualifications for our Non-Cash Award (NCA) events, such as LTS in Rhodes and DC22 in Scotland,” points out Melodie. “With a whole new Performance Year still ahead of you, your work begins now to make it to Rhodes or to Scotland, where I can congratulate you in person!”

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