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New sales leadership brings fresh perspective

Business Life

With the departure of Ruben Familia to become VP of Sales for Amway™ North America, Amway is pleased to welcome Kristin Whalen!

Kristin Whalen will be the new Chief Sales Officer for Amway Europe, Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand. A seasoned Amway marketing and sales leader, Kristin promises to bring an exciting perspective to this role.

Learn more about Kristin and what she adds to the Amway community.

25 years of experience

As an Amway marketer and business operator for the past 25 years, Kristin has gained in-depth experience in nearly all of Amway’s product lines. She started at Amway as a Brand Manager for Nutrilite™, learning the incredible health and wellness story that is at the core of Amway. She joined a team that identified new business opportunities for Amway and evaluated the potential of new products.

Next, Kristin led the brand management for the Home Care, Personal Care and Artistry™ brands, plus a few discountinued brands, such as E. Funkhouser New York Cosmetics. “Every step of the way – even the failures – provided wonderful learning experiences for our teams and for me as a leader,” Kristin says. “It’s important to continually stretch and learn new things in order to grow.”

In each of these roles, Kristin had many opportunities to meet and collaborate with ABOs around the world. This accelerated her position to lead a Global Experiential Marketing team. With this team, she developed and implemented marketing programs for all of Amway’s brands and managed the consumer experience through multiple touch-points, such as sponsorships, experiences and promotions. These provided incredible opportunities to meet leaders and learn what types of experiences help move Amway forward.

Kristin also helped manage the Amway brand internationally by assisting in the creation of the marketing and communications plan for the global Amway Business Opportunity.

Kristin has worked with Amway leaders around the world, including Europe, Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand. For the last decade, Kristin led the team responsible for helping leaders and ABOs present Amway’s business opportunities more effectively through global training, education programs and the Leader Growth Solutions programs.

A passion for entrepreneurship

Kristin has a passion for entrepreneurship and how it empowers people. This enthusiasm began in Canada, where she grew up watching her parents run their own Amway business, which they kept for ten years. “I can still remember the excitement of looking through the product catalogues,” Kristin says.

As for her own entrepreneurial impulse, that started several years ago when she made her own jewellery pieces. She marketed them on social media and in other creative venues, such as yoga studios. “This provided an outlet for my creativity and allowed me to share my passion with others.”

A love of empowering others

Kristin loves helping women develop their confidence and sense of self through makeup and fashion. “If you look good, you feel good and are empowered to do anything,” Kristin says. Her passion for skincare and cosmetics started at a young age when she would play with her mother’s lipstick. That passion continued as she’s got older and she’s even taken professional makeup artist classes to refine her techniques. She loves to take what she’s learned and share her tips and tricks (such as a little bit of makeup can go a long way) with friends and ABOs.

Learning from different cultures

Kristin loves to travel and see the world with her husband, daughter and sister. She admires many destinations in Europe, but finds herself most drawn to Paris and its creativity. She thinks the best part of travelling is experiencing different cultures and discovering how much people have in common, such as the desire to live healthier lives, provide for their families and leave the world a better place.

All of Kristin’s passions perfectly align with Amway. From makeup to travel, entrepreneurship and her love of health, wellness, and nutrition – these are just some of the reasons why she is enthusiastic about this business and her work with ABOs.

Technology is key

Kristin is a strong believer in the power technology has to improve life and business. She finds Amway’s new website and digital tools a great place for ABOs to effectively manage their business and give them more time for building relationships with prospective ABOs and customers.

“Ideally, ABOs shouldn’t have to spend as much time as they have in the past on logistical tasks such as ordering and deliveries,” Kristin says. “We can certainly make the education and communication process quicker and more effective for everyone.”

Kristin believes that continuing to sift and dig into data will determine the best ways to further improve Amway for ABOs and customers. In her opinion, the new website, Core Plus+ plan enhancements, business harmonisation and customer strategies are all steps in the right direction. What Amway learns from these new ventures will go a long way to help ABOs build more profitable, sustainable and growing businesses.

Kristin is ready to leap into her new role!

Kristin is thrilled to step into her new position as Chief Sales Officer for Amway Europe, Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand. She is looking forward to playing an important role in many of our new initiatives and making extra efforts to support all ABOs in the years ahead.

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