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Building a balanced business

Business Life

Whether you’re a new ABO or an ABO with years of experience. This leadership article takes a close look at Amway’s future!

For the past year, Amway and ABOs have been going through a lot of change. Due to the pandemic, some of those changes were unplanned. After all, nobody plans to be in video calls for hours each day. And no one could have prepared for the type of cocooning and hibernating that the global lockdowns imposed.

Amway is keeping up with global trends

However, some of the changes came from Amway’s goals to advance the business by unleashing entrepreneurship through social commerce. To accomplish this, the company has been actively implementing the CommerceNEXT platform, which should be launched in all European and Southern African markets by the beginning of 2022. On the heels of this new platform are other business changes, such as the Core Plus + discretionary incentives. These will reward best practices that support a balanced, sustainable and profitable business where ABOs are actively bringing in other ABOs and introducing exciting products to customers.

In many ways, the pandemic helped Amway’s business plans move in the intended direction. ABOs have been able to conduct more interactions online, give greater attention to health and wellness products, and introduce the business to new people who now have time on their hands and a desire for supplemental income.

Look forward to Amway’s new business plans

New websites are being launched to support your businesses and to provide a superior e-commerce experience for customers. These sites will help customers to find what they need, make informed purchase decisions and check out easily. They also provide you, as an ABO, with the tools you need to efficiently track your business operations, allowing you to focus your efforts on activities that will yield the greatest results.

When it comes to Amway’s product portfolio, the business is making significant new investments and bringing greater focus to health and wellness. In a world that has a greater appreciation for healthy diets and safe practices, this is a popular direction for customers and promises great outcomes for ABOs. As many of you have discovered, it is much easier today to begin conversations about products that support healthier lifestyles.

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New Core Plus+ rewards, such as the Customers Sales Incentive (CSI), the new Bronze levels and additional discretionary incentives for leaders, represent the largest investment by Amway’s founding families in the ABO compensation plan since the business first began in 1959. In parts of the world where Core Plus+ has fully launched, ABOs have experienced increased profitability at all levels

These investments are all geared to help ABOs – especially those who are new to Amway – build businesses more quickly and simply through customer sales. However, this does not mean that ABOs should stop sponsoring. ABOs will still achieve the greatest results by building businesses that feature a balance of width and depth, just as Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel intended with their original compensation plan.

The Amway Global Entrepreneurial Report

Each year, Amway sponsors the Amway Global Entrepreneurial Report. Last year, this report surveyed nearly 24,000 individuals across 25 global markets. A key finding was that 57% of respondents are interested in a business of their own. For those under the age of 35, that number jumps to 66%.

Among those who said they were interested in a business of their own, 68% said that working with products they are passionate about would be a top benefit, while 61% said they would use their own social networks to advance their business. These findings all align with how Amway is investing in its business for the future.

Amway has a compensation plan that will interest these aspiring business owners. It has products they can get passionate about, and it has a platform that supports both customer shopping and business ownership. Most importantly, Amway has the secret advantage of dedicated ABOs introducing products to potential customers and presenting exciting business opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Get started now!

This is a year of many changes. ABOs in various markets are currently experiencing different stages of Amway’s many transitions, but each of you should rest assured that Amway is on a pathway to bring all of these opportunities to you as soon as possible.

Good customer experience, in-demand health and wellness products, and a compensation plan that rewards you earlier and more easily are all compelling reasons for prospective entrepreneurs to consider an Amway business of their own. There has never been a better time to get started than right now! Amway encourages you to close out the 2021 Performance Year strong and focus on the activities that will help you become more profitable than ever with your Amway business in the years ahead!

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