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Your voice, amplified

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The key to Amway’s success has always been, and will always be, the partnership between the company and ABOs. This leadership article looks at how the Amway Growth Advisory Council (AGAC) will continue to build on this foundation to realise the exciting A70 vision.

The leadership team is clear; in order to reach A70 success, Amway and ABOs need to work more closely together to further strengthen their greatest business asset: partnership. “Partnership is the heart of our business,” says Ruben Familia, Chief Sales Officer for Amway Europe & Southern Africa. The success of Amway has always depended on the partnership between ABOs and Amway management. In fact, if you go back to the times of Rich and Jay, it was the partnership they had with the initial ABOs that allowed them to receive feedback, grow and improve. “We follow in their footsteps and we value all the feedback that we have gotten from our ABOs,” Ruben says. In order to continue building on this foundation, the leadership team has formed a new partnership initiative: the Amway Growth Advisory Council (AGAC).

Support for ABOs

Perhaps more than in any other year, in 2020 Amway witnessed, and was amazed by, the resilience and leadership of ABOs. Despite challenging times, it was a period during which partnership and meaningful exchanges flourished. In establishing the AGAC, the leadership team hopes to take this even further and ensure that ABOs continue to feel represented and supported. “We want to make sure that we stay close together so that we can create new and different ways for ABOs to provide feedback and input, as we work together towards our future,” Ruben says. So, while you’ve been working hard, the Amway leadership team and some select ABO leaders have also been busy behind the scenes, crafting a new way to amplify ABO voices and ensure that the future of Amway continues to remain prosperous for both new and experienced ABOs.

We understand that our partnership needs to be stronger than ever.
- Ruben Familia

What is the Amway Growth Advisory Council?

In order to be most effective, the AGAC will ensure that Amway is actively putting its A70 vision into practice – and engaging ABO leaders to gain insights, gather feedback and develop their ideas. “We created the AGAC to help amplify ABO voices,” Ruben explains. Most importantly, it is the belief of the leadership team that ABOs must be involved to see A70 success. ABO leaders will make sure that Amway strategic investments and choices are communicated to ABOs so we can all understand how we’re moving together towards this journey to A70.

What can you expect from the Amway Growth Advisory Council?

Representation, advocacy and commitment to partnership – these are the things the leadership team hopes will be secured by ABO presence in the AGAC. In bringing the ABO voice and perspective to Amway, ABO leaders will be invited to influence new concepts and ideas. As your representatives, they’ll have the opportunity to raise challenges, provide market feedback and help guide the focus of important strategic conversations. The AGAC will also play an important role in helping to improve the Amway business by:

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  1. Allowing Amway management to better understand market needs and pain points.

  2. Creating diverse working committees across market and European levels.

  3. Increasing greater collaboration between Amway and ABOs.

This level of collaboration and partnership will enable the Amway business to grow in a way that will lead you and the future of your business to sustainable success. Let’s build our trust in partnership to make sure we hit our goals and that we untap the potential that we have in Europe and Southern Africa. Great things are coming and now, more than ever before, your voice is amplified.

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