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A new era of social commerce

Business Life

What does the digital future of your business look like? This month’s leadership article dives into social commerce, business transformation and how Amway’s new website is set to help you succeed.

Digital transformation is on everybody’s lips – and makes up a key part of the exciting A70 vision. The development of the new Amway website represents an important step in a digital journey that creates opportunities for the future. “Many resources were allocated not just globally but locally, to make sure that our new platform supports your success,” says Melodie Nakhle, Managing Director of Europe and Southern Africa.

The result is a modern website that not only supports all sales channels, but also provides a uniform and consistent digital experience for ABOs and customers. By offering a range of digital options and harnessing the power of social commerce (a merging of e-commerce with social media), it is set to optimise the way you do business, enable you to create better customer connections and build meaningful communities. In other words, it is designed specifically to help you unleash your potential .

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More than a website

“Yes, it’s a website,” says Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, Europe and Southern Africa, Imran Zaman, “but it’s much more than that. It’s a platform that will reshape the way you shop, register, train, build your business and communicate with your communities.”

For example, he explains, the platform will help you form better community connections by improving customer engagement and providing a space where ABOs and customers can share collective passions. Additional enhancements aimed at creating distinct experiences for ABOs, leaders and customers include:

  1. Easier performance monitoring and tracing of sponsorship lines for ABOs

  2. Intuitive and user-friendly design, optimised for all devices

  3. Access to additional ABO resource materials

  4. Simpler communication between ABOs and customers

  5. Optimised online shopping and management of orders for customers

  6. Business optimisation tools and functionalities, such as the Personal Page and the Core Plus+ dashboard

Additionally, the new website embraces social commerce in a way that will help translate current challenges into future opportunities and foster entrepreneurship. Or, in the words of Imran, “We enable you to be successful, not just where you are today, but where you want to go along that journey.”

“Today, we have a lot of passion, we’re connected to communities and we have great products, so imagine the digital solutions that exist in web, mobile and social,”

— Imran Zaman

A journey to social commerce

The power of social commerce is that it extends beyond a single platform or website, to a grander A70 vision. “Today, we have a lot of passion, we’re connected to communities and we have great products, so imagine the digital solutions that exist in web, mobile and social,” Imran explains, adding that the fostering and building of communities is an area that Amway will continue to amplify.

The first step of the journey to social commerce is recognising that customers are central to every ABO’s business. With this in mind, the new website will enable a social commerce transformation by helping ABOs to build their business around their passion for nutrition, adventure, fitness, beauty or cooking. And it will digitally connect brands like NUTRILITE™, ARTISTRY™ and XS™, as well as others, to customers and prospects within the community by utilising their favourite social networks and shareable content in an online to offline (O2O) world .

So far, the new website has been rolled out to nine European markets: Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway in February 2018; Spain, Portugal, Belgium and the Netherlands in February 2020, with Italy joining in October 2020. All remaining European markets, as well as Turkey and South Africa, will welcome the new website in 2021.

“Now it’s all down to one crucial thing,” Imran concludes. “That you, as leaders, embrace it and help us to take it to the next level!”

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