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Unleash your full potential!

Business Life

Over the past few months, Melodie and her team have witnessed inspiring resilience, adaptability and growth as Amway Business Owners rose to unprecedented challenges – and excelled. Find out how you can unleash your potential to realise a bright and exciting future.

“This has been a challenging time,” Melodie Nakhle, Managing Director Amway Europe & Southern Africa, says. “It has required all of us to stretch outside our comfort zone – and grow in the process.” Unsurprisingly, this is something that ABOs have done remarkably well. According to Melodie, ABOs demonstrated true leadership, acting as a positive influence, finding new ways of meeting, inspiring others and working, while continuing to drive business success not only for their teams, but for Amway as a whole.

Now, Melodie and her leadership team want to look forward. In this article, they share four elements that they see as pivotal for both Amway and ABOs to unleash their potential, together – and turning the exciting A70 vision into reality, all so you can build a better and bigger business:

1. People first, always.

Amway co-founders, Rich and Jay, once famously said, “Customers are the first necessity for the business because without customers business ceases to exist.” This sentiment is as true now as it was then. Your customers are at the centre of everything you do, and it’s your mission to help people live better, healthier lives. By focussing on how you approach your customers and how you provide the right solutions to their needs, you can grow your Amway business and earn more. And of course, Amway will be here to support you every step of the way! In fact, Melodie and her team intend to invest in supply chain infrastructure and customer service capabilities, to deliver a better experience for ABOs and customers. A move that will make it easier for you to do what you’ve always done best – grow your business by putting the people you care about first.

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2. Digital know-how

Digitalisation, which was already drastically transforming the world, went into overdrive when the pandemic hit. Like many retail businesses, effective digital shopping platforms and online business management tools are central to their success. Amway has seen that offline communities can continue to flourish online, and that online communities can expand in ways they probably cannot offline. As Amway is a business built on personal connections, this online movement represents a huge opportunity for all ABOs.

Melodie shares an important message for all ABOs concerning new ways of working: “Amway is committed to working with you to evolve business practices by leveraging new technologies, teaching new business practices and capitalising on market trends.” By incorporating these practices, you will help your business grow and become more profitable. And your digital know-how will help get you there. Undergoing business transformation by embracing digital tools, merging online and offline environments, and finding a way to enhance how things are done will considerably improve the way you conduct your business. In fact, this is a major part of the A70 vision.

While going completely digital may feel overwhelming, please remember that Amway is here to support you along the way. And, as Melodie charismatically states, “if you want to achieve different results, you have to stop doing the same things you’ve always done. That doesn’t mean what Amway has been doing in the past is not good, it just means that there may be new ways to achieve even better results.”

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3. Have a growth mindset

Be open, maintain your curiosity and continue asking questions – being open to change and having the will to try new things will help you and your business grow! In Jay Van Andel’s words, “Amway is a successful company because it does keep the best of the past, but changes with the times.” So, to allow your business to succeed, be flexible and keep an open mind for new ways of doing things.

To help you achieve this, Amway will also model a growth mindset to learn new ways of working and not only do what it’s always done in the past. It’s vital to seek new and better ways to support ABOs at every turn! As Melodie says, “it’s important to demonstrate a growth mindset, showing that we are able to continually grow through learning, that we are willing to take some chances knowing that if we fail, we have learned something new that will help us.” To begin with, Amway is determined to work as one community with ABOs across Europe and southern Africa, so a diverse range of skills and talents can be combined to achieve great things!

“Amway is a successful company because it does keep the best of the past, but changes with the times.”
- Jay Van Andel

4. Gain new customers – easily

As part of the A70 vision, Amway is striving to make it ten times easier for ABOs to build communities of customers. Meaningful relationships with customers will continue your sustainable business – particularly for new ABOs. However, Amway understands that there is a challenge in acquiring new customers, which is why Amway is committed to working with you on helping new ABOs gain and grow their business skills. And one important skill which is often a challenge is being able to present products to potential customers online. As Melodie emphasises, “a positive customer experience will help ease ABOs’ abilities to attract new customers.” When you help new ABOs improve skills like these, paired with the Amway A70 vision that will see them earning income early, new ABOs will stay with the business long enough to see its long-term opportunities.

And, when ABOs and Amway continue to work hard together along this journey, you will unleash your full potential. Amway looks forward to working with you and supporting you the whole way through!

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