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Kick off the Performance Year with Core Plus+ and GIP

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Start this Performance Year (PY) on a high note. Earn rewards with Amway’s all-new Core Plus+ incentives as well as Amway’s Growth Incentive Programme (GIP).

At the heart of the Amway experience is you! To help you continuously grow your business long-term, Amway is introducing some new incentives as well as making a few changes to existing ones. Find out more below.

Introducing Core Plus+

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Amway proudly presents Core Plus+, the new, once-in-a-generation discretionary incentives programme supported by the founding families. With Core Plus+, Amway is investing even more in ABO compensation. Although Core Plus+ will eventually replace GIP, you can earn both exceptional Core Plus+ and GIP rewards in PY21 (September 2020–August 2021).

With this once-in-a-generation programme, Amway is investing even more in ABO compensation.

But what exactly is Core Plus+? By design, the programme achieves the following:

  1. Better align discretionary incentives with the Core Plan (Sales and Marketing Plan).

  2. Teach ABOs ways to optimize business structure and compensation.

  3. Further reward profitable and sustainable business structures.

  4. Offer premium compensation opportunities for leaders.

  5. Continue to reward ABO leaders for sustainable growth.

In a nutshell, Core Plus+ rewards key achievements as you build a balanced business for lasting success.

Boost your monthly earnings

This Performance Year Amway is excited to announce the launch of Core Plus+ Performance Plus (PP) and Performance Elite (PE) incentives+. These rewards encourage you to aim for Ruby PV – a sign of business width and more sales volume. All in all, the PP and PE incentives+ provide steps along the way to earn the Core Plan Ruby bonus and are a great way to boost your monthly earnings!

Good to know: Ruby Volume (Ruby PV)

Understanding Ruby Volume can help you to optimise your income from both the Core Plan and Core Plus+. It will also be beneficial for all Leaders as it is used in many of the upcoming Core Plus+ incentives.

Ruby volume includes Personal Volume, plus Pass-Up Volume from downline ABOs who are below 21% on the Performance Bonus schedule. Ruby Volume excludes Group Volume from downline qualified Platinums regardless of whether they are at 21% on the Performance Bonus schedule for the month or not.

Earn two years in a row

Also new with Core Plus+ is the Two-Time Cash Incentive+ (TTCI). This incentive is all about reaching new levels for the first time and requalifying in the second consecutive PY.

Good news! For those tracking for new levels in PY20, you will still be eligible to earn a second year TTCI payment if you requalify at the same level* in PY21. This discretionary transitional Year 2 Cash Award TTCI will be payable after requalified levels are approved in PY21.

*ABOs who qualify new Platinum, new Founders Platinum, new Sapphire, new Founders Sapphire. Emerald, Founders Emerald, Diamond and Founders Diamond ABOs must qualify with in-market legs only. European legs are counted as in-market legs. Eligibility is determined by Emerald Bonus Recipient and/or Diamond Bonus Recipient record from Base Year PY15.

The latest on GIP bonus incentives

Even with all the excitement around Core Plus+, you can still boost your income by earning GIP rewards. There have been a few changes, however, that you should keep in mind.

As you know, the Leader Development Programme helps you grow to Platinum and beyond, rewarding and supporting your efforts on a monthly basis. Recently, a few changes have been made in certain Earning Periods (EP):

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  1. EP 1–4: No changes

  2. EP 5: Increased to 60 months

  3. EP 6: Extended to 36 months and up to 36 payments

The One-Time Cash Award for 12 rolling Qualified (Q) months (OT 12RQM) continues without any changes. The last month to qualify for payment is August 2021, since this bonus is being discontinued.

Meet the leaders – join the business seminars on LTS Dubai 2021

For the European Leadership Training Seminar (LTS), Amway has established new criteria that you should be aware of if you’d like to join some of the most successful and experienced leaders in Europe on an unforgettable journey.

The minimum qualification requirements vary depending on whether you are a new or a repeat qualifier for LTS and include criteria based on Q months, structure months – where you reach 200 Personal PV, and at least three 9% legs – and Ruby Volume to help you focus on building a stable and profitable business.

For Diamonds and above only: Scotland 2022

© Amway

Up for a unique experience? In Spring 2022, Amway Europe’s new and requalifying Diamonds and above for PY21 will be invited to the European Diamond Conference. Held in Scotland, at one of the world’s most spectacular venues, the event presents an amazing opportunity to mix business with networking and recognition of your accomplishments. It’s when Amway’s strategy and plans for the future unfold. Don’t miss the chance to spend quality time with Amway’s management and to exchange ideas with other business leaders!

Stronger and better together

With these incentives, in particular the new Core Plus+ discretionary rewards, Amway aims to exceed the expectations of ABOs and sustain our success for the future. They enable you to take your business to the next level – to build strong, profitable and sustainable success on your own terms. Together we can lay the groundwork for a strong future!

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