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Direct selling goes digital

Business Life

How has new technology impacted direct selling? We look at how embracing new digital developments can help optimise your business.

Regardless if you live for the latest digital developments or long for simpler analogue days when direct selling was direct and Google wasn’t a verb, one thing is certain: improving your digital understanding can only be a good thing. And since it’s never too late to learn something new. Refer to the Digital Communication Standards for more information.

This first installment covers digital basics. Ready to learn and grow together? Let’s start!

The smooth mobile shopping experience

The mobile boom has had a positive impact on the way that direct selling companies operate, and business is booming. Those companies who embraced the advent of mobile technology, using it to develop new forms of communication to augment their fundamental concept of relationship-building, are flourishing.

When Amway started back in 1959, the business was founded on the power of personal relationships. “Direct selling” meant exactly that: selling directly to the customer, face to face, sharing the same physical space. ABOs took physical print media along to meetings, and customers made shopping choices based on personal recommendation, trust and brand loyalty.

Today, direct selling still means the same, offering the customer a personal experience that many find more pleasant and convenient than shopping on the high street. The great difference is for you, the seller: ABOs today can benefit from digital communication methods that augment their historical dependency on physical media. It’s never been easier to get your message across, to satisfy customers and attract prospects.

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So how has direct selling evolved through technology and taken ABOs into the digital sphere?

Digital technology makes you mobile: The most obvious benefit is that you can conduct your business on the go – everything, from presentations, to ordering, to payments, can be done from your laptop, smartphone or tablet. (Find out more about our special apps in future Amagram articles.)

Expand your business reach: Digital technology is here to stay! The next generation of ABOs expect the business to be digital, so if you can demonstrate the speed and efficiency of Amway’s digital business model via features, it will be all the more appealing to new prospects, continuing the Amway business into the next decades.

Make your Amway business more efficient: We’ve developed our apps so you can take advantage of the wealth of information and insights Amway provides to help you realise your business opportunities. With increased efficiency, your business may run more smoothly – and you may see your bottom line improve.

Go social: Regularly delivering personalised, targeted messages directly to customers on social platforms will interest them in a way that traditional direct selling can’t achieve. Fresh, engaging, customer-centric content can help generate real interaction, from two-way conversations to customers’ liking and sharing content into their wider social network. Remember, whenever you want to interact with a customer online, you must firstly and always ask for their consent. Refer to the Digital Communication Standards for more information.

The world has changed, but at Amway our vision and values remain the same. The powerful digital apps that we’ve created are here to help you fulfil your selling potential and achieve a better life for yourself, your family and your friends.

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